Hello, my name is

Anna Livia Cardin

I am a

Customer Journey
& Digital Experience Designer

What I Do

I design customer journeys and bring together the talents necessary to make a project a success. Here is my process :

Step 1

Establish what is already there : Is there a first version ? a draft ? Any document explaining how the product would work ? Analyze who the competitors are and what the market is

Step 2

Define the objectives. What are the goals you want to reach ? Why ? How are they reached right now ?

Step 3

Put measurements in place : you will need them to understand the effects your actions have

Step 4

What are the issues the product is facing right now ? for each challenge, think about 3 different solutions to talk through with the design and tech teams : iterate to find the ones that fits best

Step 5

Get those changes on the roadmap. Check that everyone has what they need to integrate your ideas. Get customers to try your changes early on and tweak if necessary. Celebrate seeing your changes in production

Step 6

Wait a few days and measure the changes your modification brought. Share the feedback with the team. Go back to step 1.


Here are the projects I completed.

My Resumé

Here you can learn more about my experience, education and skills.


Social Media

I tweet unusual, funny things in french and in english. I use LinkedIn for professional purposes and you can see my talks on YouTube

Contact me

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